If you remember I recently commented about how wonderful the weather was over the weekend. The temperature was reminiscent of a beautiful spring day. The air felt fresh and there was a nice slow breeze. The sun was shining and for the first time in a while the yard was not a mud pit.

Fast forward to today. While it is still warm outside (something like 74 today), the weather has quickly turned from beautiful to ugly and even downright mean. We have multiple weather warnings for eastern North Carolina ranging from Tornadoes and high winds, to flooding and hail.

Tuesday evening after a walk. Cloud cover rolling in.

The weather slowly began to change starting Sunday yet it still wasn’t that bad. There was maybe a light drizzle of rain here and there coupled with the sun poking through the clouds. The temperature has stayed warm and the yard for the most part has remained dry. When Oshie and I woke up this morning it was again raining very lightly and the wind which had been non-existent was really starting to gust.

Around 9:00 or 10:00 am the news outlets and radio began to warn of possible tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and sustained wind up to 70 MPH. I am not worried about the rain, wind or even the possible severe weather. In all honesty what I am worried about is my poor pup and how bored he is going to be stuck inside during this crappy weather.

Oshie is happiest outside no matter what conditions are

Oshie always seems so bored when he is inside. He truly seems to be the happiest when he gets to roam free in the yard. He has seemed even more bored/depressed since Nancy left for Norway and so I have done my best to give him plenty of time outside despite the weather constantly being uncooperative.

So…hopefully this severe weather skirts around us or just doesn’t happen at all. I mean the weather man is wrong quite often.

Come on Mother Nature. Do us a solid and give us another few days of gorgeous weather. Thanks!