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The Bedtime Ritual

Many people have a certain list of things that they like to do before they hit the sack. I like to make sure all lights are off, doors are locked, thermostats set and teeth brushed. Oshie has a ritual too. Parts of his ritual are cute and others are down right deplorable. Like a child, Oshie has a favorite blankie. The blanket is one that we have had for him since the day we brought him home. Every evening when it is time to go to bed, Oshie waits by the door to go outside. Once he is done marking the bushes for the millionth time he comes in and heads upstairs. Next he grabs his favorite blankie and brings it to the side of our bed. He then waits to be told to jump up ( yes he is completely spoiled and is allowed on the bed). Next is the part that is not so cute.

From the very first day we brought Oshie home at 7 weeks old he has been fascinated with blankets and towels. After the bath we gave him that first night home our innocent 7 week old puppy tried to hump the towel we dried him off with. It was cute and funny back then. Well he still has the same fetish for towels and blankets and while it can still be somewhat funny it is no longer as cute. So after he is told he can get on the bed he jumps up with his blanket and well, he tries to hump his favorite blankie.

He loves that blanket in more ways than one and it has taken more abuse than a blanket should. Here is a short video from last nights bedtime ritual.

What are we gonna do with this guy?


This photo was taken during winter and I ran across it today in my Lightroom library. I had done a little post processing but I don’t remember if I ever shared it on the blog. I really like this shot so I decided to finish the processing and here is the final (for now) result. We definitely picked out one handsome Golden Retriever. Oshie beautiful.jpg

Yoga Pro

It may be the only position he knows but he performs it better than even the best Yoga Guru in the world. And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, May I present to you, the Downward Dog!

Oshie Yoga.jpg
Nailed it!


So Oshie had an exciting weekend. It kicked off with a trip to the groomer Saturday morning. He received the full treatment including a bath, haircut, nail trimming and anal gland expression. The last part is something I prefer to leave to the professionals. Not something I am interested in performing no matter how much I love my dog.

handsome golden retriever
Cell phone shot so forgive the quality. Looking handsome after his grooming!

The rest of the day was spent being lazy and watching movies as it was way too hot outside. Sunday morning we got up early and headed out on our weekend morning ritual of a car ride and a trip to either Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks for some coffee. This time we decided to go with Starbucks. Oshie loves going on rides and hanging his goofy face out the window and into the rushing wind but what he really enjoys about these weekend trips is getting a treat. As I have mentioned in the past, Starbucks will give you a cup of whipped cream for free and they call it the Puppuccino. I always feel stupid asking for one but Oshie loves it. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Enjoy this video of Oshie with his Puppuccino. (his stance kills me haha)

Day 33: Morning Run

I took this photo with my cell phone while out on my morning run. The weather was perfect and I ended up running 9 miles. I finished the run in 74 minutes with an average pace of 8:18 per mile. Not bad for someone who until a month ago hadn’t run in at least a year. I am looking forward to my first half marathon in September.

Now off to get some food with Nancy, my brother Ethan and family friend Scott. Later we will be kayaking/canoeing with the dogs. Gonna be a hot one today!

Beautiful Sunrise this morning. Tried to get a bit artsy with the shot.

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