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February 2016

New Record!

According to a notification from WordPress today Oshie’s world reached a new record of likes. It is only 38 likes but hey we will take it. Thank you to all who view and like our little blog!

Oshie, Jesse & Nancy

Grass Itches

After rolling around in the dirt and grass Oshie developed an itch. Now that I think about it the fire ants could have been the culprit. With the warm weather we have had lately they have come our of their slumber and are everywhere in our yard. I don’t think that was the case though because I didn’t see any on him and he hasn’t scratched at the same area again. If you have ever been fortunate enough to experience the bite and sting of a fire ant…well then you know how itchy it is.

Enjoy this short series of shots of Oshie mid itch. I recently upgraded my camera to a Canon 7D Mkii and have been experimenting with the amazing 10 frames per second it is capable of shooting. My last camera (Canon T5)was maybe 3 frames per second. This is will be excellent for capturing action shots of Oshie to share on the blog! Enough rambling about Cameras, here’s Oshie!

He scratches so hard!
Look at that follow through!
I often wonder how that does not hurt.

Strange Faces 10

Sun in his eyes and disgusted with the camera man ha-ha.


Beware of The Beast!

Just a random shot of Oshie on the prowl from my lunch break this fine Friday.

Oooooo… I think I will go sniff that now.

But lets be real… we all know he is no beast. He may look big and muscular but in reality he is a big baby. The only damage he will do is eat all of your food and licking you until your skin falls off.

That is why we love him!


Doesn’t seem like a whole lot but I think it is awesome. Thank you to all especially those who have followed the blog from the beginning. I really appreciate it! All the feedback and ideas and kind words have been a great help for this new blogger.

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