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May 2016

Day 26: Morning Moon

Captured with my Canon 7d Mk2 and Tamron 70-300 lens. I was able to get some decent detail when photographing the moon this morning. I did use Adobe Lightroom to sharpen up that detail and correct the coloring a little.

Death Star!

Day 25 – Ring Billed Seagull

So I have fallen off the wagon with the posting a picture everyday self challenge but I am going to do my best to get going again.


Taken with my Canon 7d mk2 and Tamron 70-300 lens.

A Trip To The Doc

Oshie has managed to injure himself. While Nancy was in Norway I noticed that Oshie had a bit of a limp and was hesitant to jump up on the couch. A week or two later when Nancy was back we went to the Vet for a 6 month checkup and voiced our concern about his leg. The Doctor thoroughly checked Oshie’s legs and joints and didn’t find an issue. Also at this point in time he didn’t appear to be limping at all.

Fast forward about a month and the limp returned. Two Fridays ago ( I know I have been lazy with posting again) we took Oshie for an evening walk. It was about two miles in length and at a very reasonable pace. During the walk Oshie appeared to be fine and was acting like his usual self. Later that evening we were all in the living room watching a movie and relaxing and Oshie got up and let out a little whimper. He promptly laid back down and we didn’t think anything of it.

When it was time for bed, Oshie was a bit slow going up the stairs and he didn’t want to jump up on the bed. When he finally did get up there he was whimpering again. I decided I should check his leg. I began feeling around his back right leg and immediately knew he was in some pain because he turned and nipped at my hand which he never does. I left him alone and decided that we would see how he was doing in the morning. When morning came the results of the feel test were the same and we decided we needed to visit the Vet.

oshie vet
Oshie in the Examination room.

We arrived at the Vet hoping to be seen as a walk in appointment but there were five people already there for walk-ins and we were told to come back around 2:00pm. So we headed home and relaxed for a few hours. The second trip was successful and Oshie was seen. The Doctor examined his back right leg and Oshie was clearly in some pain. He even cried a few times while she felt around his leg. The Vet thought that he might have an issue with his ACL but nothing that would require surgery at this point (possible slight tear is what she said). She also suggested X-rays which we quickly said yes to.

Oshie was left at the office and we went to waste some time while they took the X-rays . About 2 hours later we received the call that he was ready to be picked up and that the X-rays didn’t show any damage to the knee-joint or ACL but the doctor wanted a second opinion from an orthopedic specialist because she thought she saw something with the meniscus. We took Oshie home with some pain meds and a prescription for some rest and relaxation. We gave him the meds throughout the week and he appeared to be doing much better and I would even say back to his old self.

Oshie Vet2
He was ready to leave.

This past Sunday we went for a follow-up appointment. We saw a different doctor this time around and she re-examined his leg. This time he didn’t appear to be in any pain and she said she didn’t feel anything that concerned her. She also checked the X-rays again and said that she did not see any problems there either. Her best guess was that it was a soft tissue injury like a pulled muscle or strained/tweaked tendon. This is what I was thinking and hoping it was from the beginning based on how he reacted when I touched the muscle on that leg.

We left the office with the instructions to let him rest some more and only give him pain meds if he needs them. We are going to Asheville North Carolina for the Memorial day weekend to visit the Biltmore Estate and enjoy the mountains and would have been sad if Oshie could not experience it with us. Thankfully the Doctor said he could go but we would have to do short easy hikes and keep an eye on his leg. We are so happy that it wasn’t a serious injury and are looking forward to a fun long weekend.

Keep any eye on your furry friends. They can’t speak to us and tell us what hurts. It is  up to us tonotice if something is not right. Our responsibility as pet parents to make sure our animals taken care of. If you think your pet is sick or hurt don’t hesitate to take them to the Vet!

A few more pictures from visits to the Doc.

Waiting for results on trip number 2.
Much happier on the second visit.
oshie vet4
Yay…Doc says no serious injury!

Throw back Thursday

My favorite video of Oshie. I still can’t believe the way he was crying when he saw her.

Day 24: Kinston

I still have a few photos left from our trip to the BBQ festival last weekend so I decided I should bore everyone with more photos from Kinston.



A museum for the CSS Neuse, a Confederate ship from the civil war, was allowing people in for free. Of course we had to check it out. Apparently the Confederates scuttled it because they didn’t want the Union Army to get their hands on it after they lost the city. It never traveled more than a mile from where it was built. They set it on fire in the Neuse River and that is where it remained for almost a century. In the 60’s it was found and the recovery process began. Eventually 15,000 artifacts were recovered.

All that remained was the bottom.




I was surprised that the wood looked as good as it did after being underwater for almost 100 years.

This is what the top half would have looked like.

And the final image is just a candid shot of an artist at the festival working with a piece of wood.


As always, thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

Day 23: Cars

As mentioned in the post I made yesterday, Nancy and I went to a BBQ festival this weekend. We were a bit disappointed as we were expecting to find amazing BBQ being smoked all over the venue. Maybe we got there to late/early but this was not the case. We still managed to get some traditional North Carolina pulled pork but it was from a catering company and not some amazing southern pit-master with crazy family secrets.

Despite the lack of BBQ we still had fun. We had never been to Kinston and the historic downtown section where the festival took place was interesting and I am glad we went. Personally my favorite part of the festival was the car show. We arrived as it was wrapping up but there were still plenty of cars to admire. I didn’t take many photos as it was mid afternoon and the lighting was harsh. The weather was perfect for walking around though so I can’t complain. These are the best of the shots I did take.

Canon 7d Mkii and Canon 50mm f/1.8

Shelby Mustang GT 500
The New Corvette Z06
There were a few Rat Rod style trucks that were pretty cool.



This MG was perfectly restored.

#canon #photography #cars

Weekend Romp

It is safe to say that Oshie has really enjoyed having a live in playmate. He gets along so well with Lucy and he hasn’t even tried to hump her (at least that we know about ha-ha). They really enjoy being outside together where they have pee duels. They literally follow each other around and pee on each others pee.


On Saturday the weather was perfect which meant Oshie and Lucy were actually able to run around the yard without getting filthy. Unfortunately most of the day they were stuck inside because Nancy and I decided to go to a BBQ festival about an hour away. It was fun but a bit of a let down. There was a lack of BBQ for a festival that supposedly revolves around it.

Once we were home we let the pups out to play for a while. Lucy likes to instigate by making lunging movements at Oshie. This usually results in a chase around the yard. Oshie is a slow turner and Lucy changes direction fast so he has to use smart angles order to catch her.


When he does catch her they end up wrestling and we always know when Lucy has had enough because she will drop to the ground and roll over on her back and stop fighting. Oshie usually takes the hint and gives her a break. I am just glad that they get along so well.

The only issues we have run into is jealousy. They both hate it when the other is getting all the attention. Lucy will come over and push Oshie away if we are showing him some love and Oshie tries to wrestle with Lucy is she is hogging all of the attention. So no real issues, hell they even take turns chewing Oshie’s deer antler.  I will end this post with a few more images from the weekend romp.

A game of keep away.
Going in…
for the kill!
Best Friends!

Thanks for stopping by.

#goldenretriever #canon #tamron #dogs

Day 22: The Bell Cobra

They were flying all over the place on Friday. I don’t see them as often as I do the other Helos so it was nice to get the chance to photograph them. The lighting wasn’t the best thanks to the cloud coverage but the pilots were flying nice and low which made up for the poor conditions.

I was able to get plenty of shots it I still need to cull them and process the keepers. Eventually I will post the keepers. Thanks for stopping by.

Canon 7d Mkii and Tamron 70-300.


Day 21: Stormy Weather

“After a storm comes a calm”

-Matthew Henry

Yesterday we had some pretty crazy weather and so did many other folks on the east coast. Some areas received snow while we endured some crazy thunderstorms. At one point in the afternoon Nancy informed me that she was seeing quarter sized hail where she works.

When I left my office for the day there were rivers all over the place that shouldn’t have been there. It was also unseasonably cool. Anyway I love crazy weather like that…except for the hail. Here is an image from yesterday afternoon when the weather began to clear up.



On different note, the neighborhood Hawk was back this morning. I still can’t get close enough to take a decent photo. He sees everything but here is my best attempt from this morning.



Today was the third and final day of the quote challenge. I appreciate Tippy Tales challenging me and I propose that SATechs and The Nighthawk Project complete the same challenge.

Have a great weekend!

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