As someone who is still very much a beginner in photography I am constantly scouring the internet for useful information. YouTube has been an excellent source for learning everything from lighting (still working on that one ha-ha) to all the features of your my camera and more.

I have picked up a few books along the way and subscribed to photography magazines. I am constantly reading and then attempting to recreate what I have read. I don’t really have a specific genre or style of photography that I adhere to at the moment but I would say it is pretty clear that I like to take pictures of Oshie ha-ha. So I was surprised and ecstatic when I came across a post from the Fuji Film WordPress blog.

There are many photography blogs on WordPress that provide me with all kinds of inspiration and knowledge but this was the first post I had seen specifically about pet photography. Below is a description and link to the article. If you are a pet blogger or just like taking pictures of your pets for Instagram or Facebook I would suggest you check it out!


Pro photographer John Rourke has put a few tips together that might be fun to try out if you want to get a great shot of your pooch…. some of them might even work on the kids too!

Source: Pet Photography