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February 2016

Pet Photography

As someone who is still very much a beginner in photography I am constantly scouring the internet for useful information. YouTube has been an excellent source for learning everything from lighting (still working on that one ha-ha) to all the features of your my camera and more.

I have picked up a few books along the way and subscribed to photography magazines. I am constantly reading and then attempting to recreate what I have read. I don’t really have a specific genre or style of photography that I adhere to at the moment but I would say it is pretty clear that I like to take pictures of Oshie ha-ha. So I was surprised and ecstatic when I came across a post from the Fuji Film WordPress blog.

There are many photography blogs on WordPress that provide me with all kinds of inspiration and knowledge but this was the first post I had seen specifically about pet photography. Below is a description and link to the article. If you are a pet blogger or just like taking pictures of your pets for Instagram or Facebook I would suggest you check it out!


Pro photographer John Rourke has put a few tips together that might be fun to try out if you want to get a great shot of your pooch…. some of them might even work on the kids too!

Source: Pet Photography


Come On Mother Nature…

If you remember I recently commented about how wonderful the weather was over the weekend. The temperature was reminiscent of a beautiful spring day. The air felt fresh and there was a nice slow breeze. The sun was shining and for the first time in a while the yard was not a mud pit.

Fast forward to today. While it is still warm outside (something like 74 today), the weather has quickly turned from beautiful to ugly and even downright mean. We have multiple weather warnings for eastern North Carolina ranging from Tornadoes and high winds, to flooding and hail.

Tuesday evening after a walk. Cloud cover rolling in.

The weather slowly began to change starting Sunday yet it still wasn’t that bad. There was maybe a light drizzle of rain here and there coupled with the sun poking through the clouds. The temperature has stayed warm and the yard for the most part has remained dry. When Oshie and I woke up this morning it was again raining very lightly and the wind which had been non-existent was really starting to gust.

Around 9:00 or 10:00 am the news outlets and radio began to warn of possible tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and sustained wind up to 70 MPH. I am not worried about the rain, wind or even the possible severe weather. In all honesty what I am worried about is my poor pup and how bored he is going to be stuck inside during this crappy weather.

Oshie is happiest outside no matter what conditions are

Oshie always seems so bored when he is inside. He truly seems to be the happiest when he gets to roam free in the yard. He has seemed even more bored/depressed since Nancy left for Norway and so I have done my best to give him plenty of time outside despite the weather constantly being uncooperative.

So…hopefully this severe weather skirts around us or just doesn’t happen at all. I mean the weather man is wrong quite often.

Come on Mother Nature. Do us a solid and give us another few days of gorgeous weather. Thanks!


Strange Faces 9

The weather was gorgeous this weekend! This meant that Oshie would get to spend plenty of time outdoors. Here is a 2 shot series of him deciding to roll in the grass on a slopped part of the yard. The second shot is the strange face. Looks a little like fear face to me ha-ha.

Oooh dead dry and brown grass is so nice!
Fear face…why am I still rolling?

Have we learned our lesson learned about rolling around on hills then?

#fearface #goldenretriever

How Am I Doing?

So I have decided that it is for me to take my blogging and photography a bit more seriously. I want to make my site the best I am capable of and that all starts with being pleasing to the eye. I could have the most interesting content in the world but with a terrible layout no one would want to see it.

This brings me to my poll and request for feedback from anyone that views/follows my blog. Please take a moment to let me know what you think and please don’t be afraid to comment. I promise I can take your criticism. I guarantee you I received much worse when I was in the Marine Corps. Thanks in advance! And here is a picture of Oshie just for good measure 🙂

Ohh hello there!

If you do leave a comment I would appreciate any tips, advice and thoughts about the layout and what you might like to see.


Excellent Source of Fiber

Do you let your dog eat sticks? Many breeds like to chew things and what is better than a stick found out in the yard. Typical to Golden Retrievers Oshie loves to chew sticks (he also eats grass and dirt and socks and underwear but that is a whole different story).

I love this stick!

Generally I do my best to prevent him from eating the sticks that he finds. Luckily we don’t have any trees directly in our yard so in order for him to even get branches we have to be walking near the woods. More often than not he just chews it up and maybe eats a small portion of it which normally passes in the form of a wood chip filled poop. The reason I normally prevent him from chewing and eating branches is because I worry he is going to cause damage to his stomach or intestines if he swallows a big enough piece or possibly get something stuck in his throat. Like any pet parent this is simply a situation I do not want to happen.

Mmmm you taste good!

We have had some pretty close calls when he was a puppy that should have ended up with a visit to the vet but thankfully did not. This was during his sock and underwear phase. He has literally eaten entire socks whole (not chewed just swallowed in one piece) and passed them out the other side. The same has happened with panties. Strange dog we have ha-ha. It got to the point that we have to hide laundry and keep every piece out of his reach and we still do. We have dodged the bullet several times and had more than our fair share of luck as far as Oshie eating things he shouldn’t. I don’t want to break that streak so when it comes to sticks I usually say no.

I’m gonna eat you all up!

The other day I gave in and let him enjoy the sticks he found as we were playing in the yard. I think my attitude change is a combination of the weather finally being nice, (yard has been a mess so he has been cooped up inside) Oshie being depressed that mom is in Norway and the fact that it just brings a smile to my face seeing him run around with a stick in his mouth. He prances around and throws it with his mouth and generally just acts like a fool. So I let him chew a few sticks under close supervision and was able to snap a few cool photos and enjoy the nice weather.

You’re coming with me!

In the grand scheme of things I don’t think it is too terrible to let our pups chew a stick every once in a while. They seem to enjoy it and I think just like any chew toy, if supervised properly it is relatively safe.

If you own a dog share please share your thoughts in the comments and any strange habits your pet has. As always thanks for stopping by.


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