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Day 32: Ice Cream For Oshie

While visiting Antler Village and Winery on the Biltmore Estate we had to try the ice cream from the creamery. Of course being the spoiled pup that he is, Oshie had a cup of vanilla all to himself.

Oshie is so spoiled. He loves some vanilla ice cream!

We enjoyed it on the grass while live music played from the gazebo in front of us. It was an awesome and relaxing evening.

I am still going through all the photos I captured on the trip and will be posting more of the edited keepers soon. Thanks for stopping by and have an excellent weekend!


Day 30: Puppies!

I will let the photos do most of the talking here. These 4 week old Golden Retriever puppies were at Asheville Green Cottage. As mentioned in a previous blog, Vicki and Neeraj have two goldens. Their 5 year old golden, Juni, had a litter of 9 at the beginning of May. We wanted to take one home so bad. Thanks to Vicki for letting us help socialize the little ones.

Nancy was putting them to sleep.
5 minutes of play and they were exhausted. Oh and at 4 weeks they already knew to pee on the paper!
She looked right at the camera on her own.

Seriously, who doesn’t love puppies? As always thanks for stopping by!

Photos taken with Canon 7dmk2 and Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8


Day 28: The Road Trip

Our trip to Asheville took place over the Memorial Day weekend. We decided to hit the road as early as possible Friday afternoon knowing that it was going to take us over five hours to arrive at our destination. The goal was to hit the road between 1 and 1:30pm. Naturally we didn’t hit the road until closer to 2:30pm.

The weather for the drive was perfect and we weren’t anticipating any traffic for our 400 mile journey. Of course that didn’t work out either and we ended up in stop and go traffic for about an hour. We made a few pit stops for food and gas and so Oshie could do his business and stretch his legs. He loves being in the car but he gets a little restless on longer trips. I did the driving so I didn’t take many photos but I did manage to get a few at one of the rest areas we pulled into. There was a nice open field with some cows in it and the sun was beginning to set. It made for the perfect backdrop. Admittedly my sunset photos still need a little practice, or I just need to work on editing the bright/blown-out areas a little more. I think they came out nice though.

road trip-1
Rest stop cows.
road trip-2
Oshie was feeling patriotic all weekend.

The road trip ended with us reaching our destination just before 10:00pm. We stayed at the Asheville Green Cottage. It was an awesome little B&B that I found on Airbnb. We knew we had to stay there when we saw that the owners had two Golden Retrievers and one had just had  a litter of puppies. Unfortunately the last leg of the trip was pretty dark so we missed some of the mountain views we would have seen during better light. As soon as we got in we crashed in order to get plenty of rest for the next day.

I am still trying to decide what the best method for posting all the pictures from the trip will be. I think I will stick with this format to prevent myself from posting too many at once and causing loading issues with the page. It will also give me an opportunity to write a little in each post about the photos. I hope you enjoy.

Photos were taken with my Canon 7d Mk2 and a rented Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 Di VC lens rented from



Another Teaser

Here is another photo from the trip. I still have a lot of pictures to go through.

The Bed and Breakfast where we stayed had a litter of 4 week old Golden Pups!

Weekend Romp

It is safe to say that Oshie has really enjoyed having a live in playmate. He gets along so well with Lucy and he hasn’t even tried to hump her (at least that we know about ha-ha). They really enjoy being outside together where they have pee duels. They literally follow each other around and pee on each others pee.


On Saturday the weather was perfect which meant Oshie and Lucy were actually able to run around the yard without getting filthy. Unfortunately most of the day they were stuck inside because Nancy and I decided to go to a BBQ festival about an hour away. It was fun but a bit of a let down. There was a lack of BBQ for a festival that supposedly revolves around it.

Once we were home we let the pups out to play for a while. Lucy likes to instigate by making lunging movements at Oshie. This usually results in a chase around the yard. Oshie is a slow turner and Lucy changes direction fast so he has to use smart angles order to catch her.


When he does catch her they end up wrestling and we always know when Lucy has had enough because she will drop to the ground and roll over on her back and stop fighting. Oshie usually takes the hint and gives her a break. I am just glad that they get along so well.

The only issues we have run into is jealousy. They both hate it when the other is getting all the attention. Lucy will come over and push Oshie away if we are showing him some love and Oshie tries to wrestle with Lucy is she is hogging all of the attention. So no real issues, hell they even take turns chewing Oshie’s deer antler.  I will end this post with a few more images from the weekend romp.

A game of keep away.
Going in…
for the kill!
Best Friends!

Thanks for stopping by.

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