About a two weeks ago I decided that it was time to thoroughly clean all of the bird feeders around the yard. After a good cleaning and plenty of time left in the sun to dry it was time to replenish seed/suet cakes and place them back on their respective hangers.  Shortly after completing this process I was outside looking at the garden box and the feeders and I saw a little Hummingbird buzzing around one of my seed feeders. The feeder is red which I assume might have drawn it in. After inspecting the feeder and determining that the food provided was no good the little bird buzzed off. I have thought about putting up a feeder for them but wasn’t sure there were any around. Now that I knew for sure and with encouragement from David Akoubian of Bear Woods Photography and Bear Woods Happenings telling me “If you build it they will come” (ha-ha) I decided to put up a feeder.

Almost instantly I had two Ruby-throated Hummingbirds coming to the feeder. They were very skittish at first and if I was anywhere near the window or outside they would not show up or leave immediately if they were already feeding. I was eager to get some photos but I decided to practice patience and let the birds get used to me and the feeder. Well the strategy has certainly paid off. I can now get within about 8 feet of the birds while they feed and they fly even closer than that to me. Here are a few of the photos. I am new to shooting Hummingbirds and the lighting has not been great but overall I am pleased and looking forward to improving.

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