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They have been hanging out on the neighbors fence again. I am not entirely sure which species this is. Cooper’s Hawk maybe? They ¬†like to sit on the fence and watch the yard for insects. Once spotted they dive bomb off the fence and have the unsuspecting insect as a snack.

Shot with my Canon 7d Mark II and Tamron 70-300mm Lens


Not as timid as the other hawks, this one actually let me get very close.

Great Egret Landing

egret landing bw.jpg
Shot with my Canon 7d Mark 2 and Tamron 70-300 f/4-5.6

Nev The One Eyed Hawk

He can still see much better than I can. It was nice to finally get up close and personal with Red Shouldered Hawk after chasing them around my yard for the better part of a year with no real luck. Apparently he had an infection in his right eye that eventually got to the point where removal of it was necessary. Still a magnificent creature.

Nev’s good side. Canon 7d Mark 2 and Tamron 70-300mm. Processed in Lightroom CC

Cheeky Little Fellow

Sticking out its tongue at me.

Around the Yard

We have many visitors around the yard and I do my best to capture them. Lately I have been focusing on the Hummingbirds but I did get a bit lucky a few days ago. I have been trying to get a decent shot of the Red Shouldered Hawks that hang around the neighborhood for almost a year now. I will admit that I haven’t put ¬†100 percent effort into it. Well last weekend we had a Hurricane or tropical storm, or whatever it was by the time it hit the Carolina coast. We received some moderately high wind speeds and heaps of rain. The morning after the storm passed the sun began to break through and I noticed that the Red Shouldered Hawk was back. I managed to sneak up on him drying out in the woods. Not the best image quality but the closest I have gotten to the Hawk to date.


Later that same day I was photographing the Hummingbirds and I happened to look up right as the Hawk was flying overhead. I pointed the camera and began firing away. To my surprise my settings were almost perfect. Sometimes you just get lucky. I now have my first usable shots of the Hawk in flight and am looking forward to getting some more.


Bonus images of the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. One of them was quite cheeky and looked right at me while sticking out its tongue.


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