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June 2016

Day 35: Oshie’s New Cousin

My brother Ethan has added another dog to the family. Boston (his current lab mix) has a little brother and Oshie has a new little cousin. Meet the yet to be named 7 week old Chocolate Lab cutie. We just had to go see him as soon as we got home from work today.

Look at those eyes.

We brought Oshie and of course they immediately became friends.

He was tired from playing with the big dogs.

This little guy is afraid of nothing. He was barreling up and down the back deck stairs. He might end up being a handful. Good luck Ethan!

There are a few names on the table but if you have a suggestion leave a comment. Thanks!


Day 34: Cooling Off

Saturday afternoon was spent canoeing with Nancy, my brother Ethan, his roomate Scott and their dog Boston. Oshie and Boston seemed to enjoy watching us struggle with manuevering the canoes but they enjoyed the swimming even more.

Oshie loves the water but he has only ever been to the beach so he has never actually done any real swimming. He did well especially when we had the life jacket on him. When we took it off he struggled a bit but a few more trips to the river and he will be like a fish.

Oshie and cousin Boston fetching sticks. Oshie looks a little panicked. First swim haha.
Oshie enjoying the water.
They loved being in the water.

Day 33: Morning Run

I took this photo with my cell phone while out on my morning run. The weather was perfect and I ended up running 9 miles. I finished the run in 74 minutes with an average pace of 8:18 per mile. Not bad for someone who until a month ago hadn’t run in at least a year. I am looking forward to my first half marathon in September.

Now off to get some food with Nancy, my brother Ethan and family friend Scott. Later we will be kayaking/canoeing with the dogs. Gonna be a hot one today!

Beautiful Sunrise this morning. Tried to get a bit artsy with the shot.

Day 32: Ice Cream For Oshie

While visiting Antler Village and Winery on the Biltmore Estate we had to try the ice cream from the creamery. Of course being the spoiled pup that he is, Oshie had a cup of vanilla all to himself.

Oshie is so spoiled. He loves some vanilla ice cream!

We enjoyed it on the grass while live music played from the gazebo in front of us. It was an awesome and relaxing evening.

I am still going through all the photos I captured on the trip and will be posting more of the edited keepers soon. Thanks for stopping by and have an excellent weekend!

Day 31: Waiting

Oshie is always waiting for Nancy to get home and as soon as she does he goes nuts. He loves her more and he never gets as excited to see me if I have been gone. Heck he gets more excited to see strangers than he does me.

Watching and waiting.

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