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June 2016

A New Milestone

1 year of blogging! If you had told me over a year ago that I would be a blogger, I would have called you crazy. Sometimes I still can’t believe I have one. I have to admit it has been fun and I am looking forward to continuing to share my photos and stories about Oshie with you all. Thanks to everyone who has followed the site and also those that just stop by to comment and view my images. Cheers and happy blogging!


propeller hat5
Thanks from Oshie too!

Tenacious Little Bugger

I took this shot maybe a week ago early in the morning. The Mocking Bird was continually dive bombing the Hawk perched at the top of the tree. Initially the Hawk ignored the much smaller bird but the little birds tenacity defeated the Hawk’s size. Once the Hawk was finally fed up he took off into the woods. My take away from this…I need a longer lens ha-ha.

I assume the Hawk was thinking… really?

Day 37: Rough-housing

What better way to welcome the new puppy to the family than to wrestle and knock him onto his back. I promise no puppies were hurt in the making of these photos.

chocolate lab puppy_golden retriever
Oshie had a blast with the little guy. 
chocolate lab puppy_golden retriever-2
Despite knocking the puppy on his back, he was actually very gentle.


Day 36: June Moon

The moon was out early last night and the way it was illuminated allowed me to capture some great detail even with a limited focal length of 300mm.  Shot with my Canon 7d mk2 and Tamron 70-300 and processed in Adobe Lightroom to enhance the detail and attempt to color correct a little.



Chocolate Lab Puppy

A few more shots of the little guy. Still no name, but my suggestion is Bergeron.

~Canon 7d mk2, Tamron 70-300mm and Canon 50mm f/1.8~

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