Oshie makes me laugh! Here is a quick little story that happened over the weekend.

Oshie and I were outside enjoying some decent weather (lately it has been awful). He was running around sniffing and peeing on all of his claimed spots and generally happy not to be cooped up inside. We spent a good hour or so outside just being active. I was looking for birds and he was eating sticks and continuing to pee on things.

Finally the sun was starting to set and it was getting a bit cold so I decided it was time to go inside. Once inside I went to put my coat away and give Oshie a treat. He quickly scarfed it down and then began trying to lead me upstairs. I was curious as to what he wanted so I decided to follow. He sauntered right into our bedroom and then continued on to the master bath. Once in the bathroom he stopped, sat down in front of the bath tub and looked at me with the sad eyed please look he does when he wants something.

Not sure exactly what he wanted I asked him “what do you want” followed with “show me“. Well he puts his paw up on the tub and lets out a little whimper. At this point I am thinking he wants a bath but he had just gone to the groomer the week before so that wasn’t happening. Then I noticed he was looking at the faucet and it dawned on me, he wanted me to hand feed him water out of the faucet. I began to laugh out loud as I turned on the faucet. He had water in his bowl down stairs but noooo he wanted to beg for faucet water. This is a terrible but comical habit he picked up waiting around for us to get in and out of the shower.

I gave him a few handfuls of water and turned the faucet off laughing the whole time. All I could think about is Oliver Twist ha-ha.

Oshie makes me laugh!