Dogs drool and we all know this. Of course there are some breeds that drool more than others like Bulldogs, Mastiffs and Newfoundlands. While Oshie doesn’t drool nearly as much as those breeds, he does have his moments. Typical of the Golden breed, he loves all things edible (and sometimes not edible) and you better have a towel handy to wipe off your legs if you are eating around him. The drool is almost immediate and the longer you ignore him the worse it gets.

Something I have noticed is that he often drools even when there isn’t food around. This usually occurs when he becomes focused on something. It is almost as if he completely forgets to swallow. I believe that I actually read that somewhere too. It was something about how dogs drool when they focused on something because they can’t handle swallowing at the same time. Not sure how true that is.

Our furry friends can also drool due to a condition known as hyper-salivation. This can be brought on when food or a treat is present or by fear and anxiety. If a dog has this condition they produce excessive amounts of saliva. If you notice your dog drooling a lot more than normal you might want to schedule a visit with the vet.

Drool is a part of your life if you own a dog and you learn to expect and accept it. We certainly have and we know to keep a wipe ready if we have food around Oshie.

Anyway here is a shot of Oshie staring intently at something outside beginning to drool. I wonder if he was just day dreaming about what Mom and Dad were going to have for dinner that night.

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