Oshie loves the weekend. He is always up early and bothers Nancy non-stop until we get up. He will lay on top of her and hit her with his paws or lick her face until she has had enough and gets out of bed. He does this because he knows that on the weekends we take him for a car ride to get coffee. He is so funny. Oshie paces around anxiously and whines as we get ready.

As soon as we open the door he bolts to the car and sits next to the back door ready to jump in. With the windows down we cruise to Starbucks and he hangs out the window taking in all the scents. As we order our drinks he waits impatiently and when we get to the pick-up window he hangs out his window and stares at the workers intently. We always get him a puppuccino which is a kids Starbucks cup filled with whipped cream. Starbucks is awesome and gives them out for free if you just ask. In typical Golden fashion it is usually gone before we even pull away. He loves his weekend trips for coffee and the Starbucks employees love seeing him.