And so it begins! This is the first post of hopefully many chronicling our lives with Oshie, our beautiful Golden Retriever. Honestly I never thought we would have a blog. I am not a prolific writer and generally don’t like to share my private life with strangers but having Oshie is so much fun. He does some truly hilarious things that we felt might bring a smile to your face. At the very least it is an excellent way to keep memories of our time with this wonderful pup so we can enjoy them forever and to connect with dog owners who are passionate about their pups.

To anyone that views this blog first let me say thank you and secondly please have patience as we begin to add content and decide how we want everything to look. If you have any questions, comments/feedback or tips please don’t hesitate to post them up. We are open to any and all tips and tricks as we begin our first blogging adventure.

-Jesse, Nancy & Oshie