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Day 21: Stormy Weather

“After a storm comes a calm”

-Matthew Henry

Yesterday we had some pretty crazy weather and so did many other folks on the east coast. Some areas received snow while we endured some crazy thunderstorms. At one point in the afternoon Nancy informed me that she was seeing quarter sized hail where she works.

When I left my office for the day there were rivers all over the place that shouldn’t have been there. It was also unseasonably cool. Anyway I love crazy weather like that…except for the hail. Here is an image from yesterday afternoon when the weather began to clear up.



On different note, the neighborhood Hawk was back this morning. I still can’t get close enough to take a decent photo. He sees everything but here is my best attempt from this morning.



Today was the third and final day of the quote challenge. I appreciate Tippy Tales challenging me and I propose that SATechs and The Nighthawk Project complete the same challenge.

Have a great weekend!

Red Shouldered Hawk..I Think

Hey look! A post that isn’t about Oshie. So we have a few hawks that have been hanging around the neighborhood lately. I am not sure what has drawn them in but there are at least 3 different hawks that I have seen flying around or perched on trees in the morning. There is one hawk who always perches on the top of the same tree looking into the sunrise. He or she appears to be the biggest of the bunch and is the easy spot for me to try and photograph. I say try because the lighting is terrible at the time of day that they are out and my camera equipment is not professional and neither are my skills yet. Even with my Tamron 70-300mm at 300mm I have trouble getting a decent photo and to top it all off the little bugger keeps an eye on me and takes off any time I get within 100 yards or so. ¬†Anyway here is the best shot I was able to get so far. Nothing special and I had to crop like crazy to make it presentable.

Ohh and Oshie could care less about the hawks.

red_shoulder_hawk (3 of 1)

red_shoulder_hawk_1 (3 of 1)

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