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Hello everyone!

Sorry for our being absent from the blog for so long. Our move to California last month has kept us very busy. We are happy to report that the move went very well. It was a long drive but it was fun and we are happy to be out here in Southern California!

We are still posting to YouTube as often as we can and I plan to start posting on here again more regularly.

Now the real reason for this post…we need you to buy Oshie’s Life’s Golden T-shirts. I am normally not the type of person to try to get people to buy things but trust me this is for a good cause and the shirts are pretty cute.

promo image

We are running a campaign on Bonfire for two weeks and will be donating proceeds from the sales to Hope For Paws Animal Rescue. If you haven’t checked them out you definitely should. They are amazing.

We have not notified them that we are running a campaign in their honor as we want to surprise them with (hopefully a big) check at the end of the campaign. Even if it is a small sum, we will feel good knowing we helped even just a little.

We are happy to be in a position where we can use our almost 24,000 strong YouTube fan base to hopefully do some real good for dogs and animals in need!

If you can’t buy a shirt, or don’t like the design or colors that is fine but we would ask that you please share the campaign on your social media. The more shirts we sell the more we money we can donate to the charity! Also feel free to donate on your own in lieu of buying a shirt!


“CALLING ALL FANS: New shirts are available for sale! Grab your limited edition shirt while you still can. Only available until *!

Day 19: Fashion

I was challenged to complete the 3 day quote challenge by the blog Tippy Tales so here is day one. I thought the quote was perfect for today’s photo.

I don’t do fashion, I am fashon” – Coco Chanel


Day 18: Bubbles

As promised I am posting the remainder of the photos taken during Oshie’s bubble photo shoot. As usual they were all taken using my Canon 7d Mkii and my Canon 50mm lens.

Apparently I need more practice with the crazy focusing system that the 7d Mkii has because I was missing a lot of shots thanks to focus issues. It is possible that the lens was causing some of the problems too. Oh well…that is how you learn.

3…. and still can’t catch a bubble.
Get back here!
Right before it burst
He just didn’t understand why he couldn’t catch one.


Your Dog Really Is Just A Furry Kid

Nancy and I were at the grocery store shopping for items for a party we planned to attend when she saw the display for bubbles. Yes I am talking about the kind of bubbles you give to little kids and laugh as they try to blow them and catch them. Of course Nancy immediately wanted to buy some because she wanted to blow them for Oshie. Right there folks, that is how you know you are a crazy dog parent.

I assume you already know what happened next. Nancy decided we needed to do a little photo shoot of Oshie chasing the bubbles. The wind didn’t cooperate and the lighting wasn’t the best but I did manage to get a few decent/funny shots of Oshie attempting to catch the bubbles. He looked like a toddler chasing them around the yard and staring longingly at them as they sailed over his head and out of reach. It made me realize just how much Oshie is like a little kid, distracted by everything and always wanting to play.



I wish the focus was just a bit sharper on this one.

I wish I had that much energy. I can do without the double coat of fur though.

Not a flattering look for you Oshie.
Come back down here!

And yes, Oshie is wearing a bow-tie because he is a classy fellow!

I have a few more images that I will put up in a separate post. The blog gets a little slow when I add too many. Of course it doesn’t help that in the past I was using the full size files. Oops!




Purple Sweatshirts Are OK Though

This is what happens when it is raining and Oshie has to go outside (just to come back in…and immediately want to go back out). To prevent Oshie from getting wet Nancy put her purple sweatshirt on him. He didn’t seem to mind to much, at least no as much as he does those silly hats.

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