Oshie loves rolling around in the grass. It is probably one of his favorite things to do outside. Of course when we had the dusting of snow a week ago he couldn’t help but roll in it. The result was a wet and muddy Golden who needed a bath.  So after his bath Oshie was ready for a little pampering.

Due to the crazy amount of fur that Oshie has, air drying can take a long time so we usually speed the process up using Nancy’s hair dryer. We take this opportunity to get a thorough check of his body for any abnormalities and to get a good brushing done. Using the dryer also helps prevent wet hair from tangling and matting in places like his armpits. Here is a short video of Oshie completely enjoying the salon experience.

You Can ignore the video intro. The VLOG is has already been posted 🙂