So in order to force myself to be more active with the blog and work on my photography skills I have created a challenge. I need to post a new image to the blog everyday. It can be of anyone or anything and will be categorized as random photography so it all of the posts will be compiled on that new page which is available through the menu at the top of the site. The random photography posts will also appear on the main page of the site but the new page and category was created so that they will be available in one location to be easily browsed through.

My plan is to write something very short about each photo in order to maintain the focus on the photo itself. This is mainly to force me to practice and improve my skills and also to provide more content for anyone reading the blog to look through. So without further delay here is Random Photography Day 1.

A simple shot of the moon captured the other day. Taken with my Canon 7D mkii and Tamron 70-300mm lens at 300mm with some editing in Adobe LR.