One of Oshie’s greatest traits and of Golden Retrievers in general is friendliness. Having grown up around the breed I knew that they were friendly but Oshie takes this to a completely different level. He is friendly almost to a fault. There have been instances at the dog park where he meets a new friend that wants nothing to do with him and might even try to snap at him yet he stands their tail wagging tongue out waiting for them to change their mind. He just doesn’t get that not every dog is as friendly as he is.

The eagerness that Oshie displays to make friends is what I love about him most. Many of our family and friends have pets and Oshie almost instantaneously becomes best friends with them. This takes away some of the worrying when we go out-of-town and leave him with a friend and makes it easy schedule play dates. He loves the people just as much and they have a very hard time not loving him back. Honestly who could resist getting covered in all that Golden hair and getting kisses all over?

On to the real reason for this post and honestly the reason this blog exists…a picture of Oshie ha-ha. A while back we were walking him through the neighborhood and came across a house with two dogs in the backyard. Oshie’s tail instantly began wagging and he took off to say hello (we were letting him walk without holding the leash). I was able to capture a few shots of pups all sniffing each other out and wish I had captured some as they raced back and forth down the length of the fence dying to play with each other.

oshie friends (2 of 2)

Why can’t making friends be this simple for humans?

oshie friends (3 of 2)