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September 2015

Purple Sweatshirts Are OK Though

This is what happens when it is raining and Oshie has to go outside (just to come back in…and immediately want to go back out). To prevent Oshie from getting wet Nancy put her purple sweatshirt on him. He didn’t seem to mind to much, at least no as much as he does those silly hats.

I Hate Silly Hats!

Oshie is clearly not happy with the hat that Nancy found at the store and I have to say I agree with him. I wouldn’t want to wear it either. In the one picture that he does look happy I believe he was being bribed with a treat to look at the camera He also didn’t like wearing the Los Angeles Dodgers hat that she bought for him a few months ago. His face says it all. He does look cute though.

Beach Bum

Over the weekend we finally had some decent weather! Nancy and I decided that we should head to one of Oshie’s favorite places…the beach. We hadn’t been since earlier this summer and we knew he would really enjoy it. A little before 9AM packed the SUV and headed out. After a short pit stop for some coffee we arrived at the beach. Thankfully other than a handful of people fishing we had the beach to ourselves. This meant that Oshie could roam free and we wouldn’t have to worry about him running up to random people (apparently even a happy friendly Golden is scary when he comes barreling at you). It didn’t take long before he was rolling in the sand turning himself into a Golden Churro. He had a blast and thoroughly exhausted himself. Once we got him home we gave him a bath in the driveway to get all the sand out of his fur and there was a lot of it. A half hour of drying a brushing later and he was ready to crash for the rest of the day.

Strange Faces 4

Oshie loves the wind in his face. We love it too because it makes for some funny pictures.



Wilmington North Carolina

This past weekend Nancy and I went to Wilmington with my younger brother and his roommate. Unfortunately we didn’t bring Oshie. We were going mostly for dinner but did walk around a bit afterwards and he would have loved it. Wilmington is a very dog friendly city. Everywhere you look there are bowls of water set out and many restaurants allow your dog to join you. Some even have treats and water for your furry friend to snack on while you dine on people food.

Here are some of the shots I took while we were there. It is a wonderful city to photograph and I need to make it back down there soon solely to take pictures. One of my favorite shots is of the American Bulldog wearing his Ray-Ban Sunglasses. He is there all the time with his owner sitting out in front of one of the bars. Enjoy the pictures and if you are ever in Eastern Carolina with your fur baby I suggest checking Wilmington out.

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