Last night Nancy and I decided to take Oshie for a walk around the neighborhood and I decided to bring along the camera. Oshie loves going for walks because he gets to sniff where all the other dogs have peed and then pee on their pee. It is surprising just how much urine his bladder holds. The only downside to taking Oshie for a walk (other than having to wait for him to pee everywhere) is that he likes to pull on the leash. This behavior was certainly worse when he was younger and I have tried (with little effort…hey I am no professional trainer) to train it out of him and teach him to heel. That usually on last for a few seconds and then he is out front again keeping the leash taut.

Thankfully he listens to our commands most of the time and won’t run off when he spots another person or dog and we live in a quiet neighborhood. This has allowed us to  let go of the leash and let it drag behind him. Surprisingly when we do this he slows down and stays closer to us. I am not sure why he feels the need to pull when on the leash. Anyone else experience this?

So here are a few shots from the walk last night. There are a few fire hydrants in the neighborhood and I thought it would be funny to get some pictures with him next to it. Unfortunately I deleted the best one where he looked as if he was sticking his chest out and showing everyone that he owned that particular hydrant. Anyway here are the shots. Enjoy and thanks for taking the time to view our blog.