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Day 9: Monochrome

Today’s image is skyline shot from downtown Wilmington North Carolina. Kind of an Odd crop but I like the way it looks so I decided to keep it. Part of my growth as a photographer has been experimenting even if the results are not the best and also sharing those results to help build confidence in my skills.

Shot with my Canon 7d mkii and 50mm lens and processed in Adobe Lightroom.

bw building.jpg

Day 6: KGB Headquarters?

I took this photo when we were in Wilmington on Sunday. We were walking up a street after watching the cultural dance performances and I saw this sign. It was over a walkway that led in between some buildings and into a courtyard type situation. Of course when I saw it I immediately had to make a joke about it being a secret headquarters for the Russian spy agency. In reality it is a bar (KGB bar) that has 4.5 stars on yelp so I guess we are going to have to check it out one of these days.

Photo taken with my Canon 7dmkii and Tamron 70-300 lens.

kgb test
KGB Bar Wilmington NC

Day 5: Dance!

Nancy and I went to the Azalea Festival in Wilmington on Sunday and stumbled upon this stage where groups were performing cultural dances. Here are two photos I took while a group performed a traditional dance from Mexico. Ignore all the clutter in the photos. There was really no way to get a clean shot.



Wilmington North Carolina

This past weekend Nancy and I went to Wilmington with my younger brother and his roommate. Unfortunately we didn’t bring Oshie. We were going mostly for dinner but did walk around a bit afterwards and he would have loved it. Wilmington is a very dog friendly city. Everywhere you look there are bowls of water set out and many restaurants allow your dog to join you. Some even have treats and water for your furry friend to snack on while you dine on people food.

Here are some of the shots I took while we were there. It is a wonderful city to photograph and I need to make it back down there soon solely to take pictures. One of my favorite shots is of the American Bulldog wearing his Ray-Ban Sunglasses. He is there all the time with his owner sitting out in front of one of the bars. Enjoy the pictures and if you are ever in Eastern Carolina with your fur baby I suggest checking Wilmington out.

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