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Tuesday With Oshie

Just a little portrait of Oshie to share on this Tuesday that seems to be dragging on forever. There is a bow-tie somewhere beneath all of that golden hair.

Shot with my Canon 7D Mark 2 and Tamron 70-300 f/4-5.6 lens. Processed in Adobe Lightroom.


Golden Retriever’s Are Goofs!

Just another short video of Oshie being Oshie. Seeing a dogs personality is part of the joy of owning them. Oshie has certain habits and behaviors like waiting for us at the top of the stairs in this video or running and grabbing his blanket. His face always cracks us up when he waits at the top of the stairs. The way he looks down at us causes the skin of his face to hang loose and it just looks so funny.  His eyes are also so expressive which adds another level of cute/funny to every look that he gives you. Enjoy!

Also I will warn you that there is a brief attempt made to hump the blanket ha-ha.

Oshie loves doughnuts!

Being the spoiled dog that he is, Oshie has developed a taste for the finer things in life like fresh (well maybe not really fresh) doughnuts. On the weekends we usually take a morning drive with a mandatory stop for coffee to fuel the rest of the day. Of course Oshie tags along on the rides because he loves being in the car with the windows down where he can catch all the scents! This means that he usually gets a treat in the form of whipped cream or the occasional plain doughnut. Don’t worry we know they aren’t good for him and he doesn’t get them everyday, but a treat every once in a while isn’t going to hurt right? And it is impossible to say no to that face!

Anyway here is a short video of Oshie, who had already eaten his treat, practically begging for the doughnut that I had saved for myself. You also get to see his newest trick at the end! He has learned speak. Probably the hardest trick to teach so far as he is not much of a barker. Enjoy!

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