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Ah The Internet

What would we do without it? Well our parents got along fine without it so I am sure we would too. Thankfully we do have it and it makes life easier and provides plenty of entertainment. It also has the power to make your dog popular in Japan and Taiwan. I am sure those that regularly check out the blog remember the video I posted of Oshie excited to see his mom after she returned from 2 months in Norway. Well that video has somehow managed to get 120,000 views on YouTube with 57% coming from Japan and 26% from Taiwan.

Screen Grab of the Analytics for the video.

I even had a Taiwanese news outlet ask for permission to share it on their site. If you don’t remember the video here it is again.

Ahh the power of the internet ha-ha. Oshie is YouTube famous…kind of… in Japan and Taiwan. 🙂

Chinese Bulldozer Battle Royale

So this definitely not something I would normally cover on here but when I saw this I thought it was too bizarre not to share. Apparently some rival construction companies in China were not happy with each other and as the video shows they took things to a ridiculous level and began a bulldozer battle the likes of which you have never seen.

It is a good thing that the street and sidewalk appear to be mostly empty because this was a very dangerous game to play. I am not sure how long it lasted or if anyone was injured. Definitely the strangest and stupidest thing I have ever seen. I thought road rage was bad in America. Sheesh! Here is the article.

Photographers! Don’t Forget About This!

If you are anything like me and you expected all of your fancy technology to make the daylight saving time change for you then you likely forgot all about your camera.

Some may not care about what date and time their camera is set to, but if you take a lot of photos like I do then having the correct date and time can come in very handy. Don’t forget to make the change!


So why does your dog stare at you when he poops?

I came across this article by way of So just in case you were wondering why your dog likes to watch you. Well now you have a bit better of an idea. 😉


Inquiring minds want to know..

Source: So why does your dog stare at you when he poops?

Photographer Adopts Dog From Shelter And Takes Him On Epic Adventures Across America

This is awesome. Check it out!

Traveling is so much more fun and interesting when you’ve got a loyal friend by your side.

Source: Photographer Adopts Dog From Shelter And Takes Him On Epic Adventures Across America

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