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The Waterfall

This is the same waterfall that Nancy and Oshie posed in front of. It was not very big but it was still cool to see. I was a little more artsy with this shot and blurred the water by using a slower shutter and smaller aperture. Lens was the Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 VC and of course mounted on my trusty Canon 7d2.



My Favorite People

My two loves sitting in front of the waterfall. We had to hike down a logging trail to get to this waterfall. The trail was off the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Pisgah National forest and at the head of the trail there was a noticed saying the trail was closed until further notice. Well we ignored the sign and were going to claim ignorance if we somehow we were caught. We also had driven pretty far from where we were staying and wanted to see a waterfall. We were a little disappointed when we found it but it was an excellent backdrop for some photos!

pisgah waterfall.jpg

Blue Ridge Parkway

I have been lazy lately and neglected my posting. I still have a bunch of images from our trip to Asheville last month that I want to process and post and I will get to it eventually I promise. Here is a shot of the mountains from the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Day 29: Asheville Green Cottage

As I mentioned in the post I made yesterday, we stayed at the Asheville Green Cottage for 3 nights during our Memorial Day weekend trip to Asheville. We ended up staying here because we waited way too long to book a hotel for the trip and by the time we decided we should probably find one, all the hotels had raised prices to 400 dollars a night. The hotels we were looking at were nice and were dog friendly, but we did not think they were worth 400 a night and at that price we would have obliterated our trip budget.

With hotel prices going through the roof for the holiday weekend I decided to take a look at Airbnb and as fate would have it I found the Green Cottage. It ended up being the absolute perfect place for us to stay during the trip. The cottage is dog friendly and even more exciting was the fact that the owners, Vicki and Neeraj, actually had a two Golden Retreivers of their own. After a quick phone call the room was booked and we were ready for our trip. During that phone call I also found out that one of their Goldens had just had a litter of puppies. Talk about the perfect place to go stay.

Green Cottage5-2
Asheville Green Cottage.

The cottage is a beautiful old stone home that was built in the 1920’s. I overheard Vicki telling one of the other guests that Italian stone masons were brought in to help build the Biltmore Estate and how they had an influence in many of the granite block homes found in the area. The picture above is a view from the street of the front of the cottage. The neighborhood was very quiet and beautiful and even though there were houses all around, the cottage was set further back from the road and felt more secluded.  The driveway to guest parking wound around the back of the house and down a small hill which helped hide guest vehicles from street view.

Green Cottage5-3
Back parking area and guest entrance. Oshie Approved!


The stone work of the home was beautiful and there were also gardens and vegetation all over the property that really gave the cottage that mountain/secluded feel.

Off to the right of the guest entrance and down a small grass hill was a side yard that Oshie had a blast sniffing around.

Green Cottage-3
View up at from the side yard.

The cottage has four themed rooms with individual full baths. Located on the second floor are the African and Indian themed rooms and down stairs are a Zen Garden and Mediterranean themed rooms. Due to our procrastination in planning this trip, we ended up in the Mediterranean room which was the smallest of the four. It was still an excellent room and plenty big enough for the three of us. It was probably best that we were on the first floor because Oshie gets restless at night sometimes and I wouldn’t want to hear someone walking around above me while I was trying to sleep.

Green Cottage-5
Guest entrance with approved sticker.

The cottage also had a large sitting room/library with board games and books for guests to use. Across from this was the dining area where a delicious vegetarian breakfast was served. Each morning we received a big bowl of freshly chopped fruits, homemade bread/muffins, delicious scrambled eggs, coffee and a warm greeting from out hosts. Vicki had plenty of information about the area and I am sure she would have been able to answer almost any question we had.

Our 3 night stay meant that we didn’t spend much time at the cottage during the day. We wanted to make the most of our time in Asheville and explore. Thankfully the cottage was close to everything we wanted to see. It is less than a mile from the Biltmore Estate entrance and Biltmore Village, five minutes from downtown Asheville and only a short car drive off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The time that we did spend at Asheville Green Cottage was comfortable and fun and I would recommend it to anyone planning a trip to Asheville North Carolina with and without pets. Thanks to Vicki and Neeraj for providing such a lovely little place for us to stay!

Day 28: The Road Trip

Our trip to Asheville took place over the Memorial Day weekend. We decided to hit the road as early as possible Friday afternoon knowing that it was going to take us over five hours to arrive at our destination. The goal was to hit the road between 1 and 1:30pm. Naturally we didn’t hit the road until closer to 2:30pm.

The weather for the drive was perfect and we weren’t anticipating any traffic for our 400 mile journey. Of course that didn’t work out either and we ended up in stop and go traffic for about an hour. We made a few pit stops for food and gas and so Oshie could do his business and stretch his legs. He loves being in the car but he gets a little restless on longer trips. I did the driving so I didn’t take many photos but I did manage to get a few at one of the rest areas we pulled into. There was a nice open field with some cows in it and the sun was beginning to set. It made for the perfect backdrop. Admittedly my sunset photos still need a little practice, or I just need to work on editing the bright/blown-out areas a little more. I think they came out nice though.

road trip-1
Rest stop cows.
road trip-2
Oshie was feeling patriotic all weekend.

The road trip ended with us reaching our destination just before 10:00pm. We stayed at the Asheville Green Cottage. It was an awesome little B&B that I found on Airbnb. We knew we had to stay there when we saw that the owners had two Golden Retrievers and one had just had  a litter of puppies. Unfortunately the last leg of the trip was pretty dark so we missed some of the mountain views we would have seen during better light. As soon as we got in we crashed in order to get plenty of rest for the next day.

I am still trying to decide what the best method for posting all the pictures from the trip will be. I think I will stick with this format to prevent myself from posting too many at once and causing loading issues with the page. It will also give me an opportunity to write a little in each post about the photos. I hope you enjoy.

Photos were taken with my Canon 7d Mk2 and a rented Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 Di VC lens rented from



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