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Health Report

Last Saturday we took Oshie in for one of his bi-annual checkups. We generally don’t have any concerns and have been fortunate to have such a healthy pup.

He went through the gamut of vaccinations and blood drawings and we also had a small bump under his skin checked (too small to cut off and test so we are keeping an eye on it). We also asked the vet about his panting which he seems to do often. She said it could be related to a thyroid issue and they could run a test for us.

Of course we had that done and we received good news. Everything is normal on the thyroid front and Oshie just gets excited and hot easily (he does have a thick coat lol).

So we left the Vets office with an almost clean bill of health, Oshie is up a few pounds from his last visit so we need to cut back on his food. He also got some pretty purple bandages where they drew blood ha ha ha!

Happy even with purple bracelets.


So why does your dog stare at you when he poops?

I came across this article by way of So just in case you were wondering why your dog likes to watch you. Well now you have a bit better of an idea. 😉


Inquiring minds want to know..

Source: So why does your dog stare at you when he poops?

Golden Retriever With Braces

Ok so I came across this article the other day and found it way to cute not to share. In case you don’t want to click the link I will provide a quick run down of the story.

Wesley is a 6 month old Golden living in Michigan. His owners noticed that he was having trouble closing his mouth and was no longer eating. Poor guy. Well luckily there are doggy dentists and he was able to take care of Wesley. His teeth will be fixed in no time and although dog dentistry is purely medical and never for aesthetics, I am sure he will have a perfect Golden smile when them come off. Ohh and get this, he only needs the braces for a few weeks. Are you jealous Humans who had to wear them? Ha-ha.

It certainly made for some absolutely adorable pictures!


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