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Throwback Thursday

Just a few photos from when I was younger, in better shape and in the Marine Corps. The photos here were all taken with a sony point and shoot camera in Iraq in 2008. 

Me waiting for a bus in Iraq. Al Taqaddum Airbase.
Camel Spider our Captain managed to kill but leave intact. I do not miss them.
View of Habbaniyah Lake from Al Taqaddum Airbase. Wouldn’t go in that water even if we were allowed to.
Landscape shot from Al Asad Airbase.
Sunset in Iraq. Al Asad Airbase.

I was in Iraq from April to November 2008. I was stationed on Al Taqaddum Airbase and also spent three weeks at Al Asad Airbase for some training. 

It was hot, sand got everywhere and often pretty miserable. Sand storms and camel spiders were a nuisace and days were long and boring. My experience pales in comparison to the true heros, my fellow Marines who were out drivinfg around the country in harms way. I have so much respect for those guys. 

As much as I hated being there at times I am glad I got to go. It is an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Semper Fidelis!

Super Cobra

The GRC race was on Marine Corps Air Station New River and was not only open to the public but it was also free. This is the second year in a row that Redbull has one this. Thanks Redbull!

Race fans also got to check out some Marine Corps toys.

Throw back Thursday

My favorite video of Oshie. I still can’t believe the way he was crying when he saw her.

Momma Is Home!

Nancy came back from Norway early Friday morning. Check out how excited Oshie was to see her.

Oshie Roots For Navy!

So in one of our first blogs it was mentioned that my wife attended the United States Naval Academy ( I think ha-ha and if not now you know). Naturally the annual Army Navy game is watched in our household. This year we went to her unit Chaplains house and while my wife is a Marine, the chaplain for Marine units is always a Navy officer and he was excited to have people over to watch it. It was a good time and  and we all were wildly off on our predictions in both the amount of food to bring and the scores. There was entirely too much food for the amount of individuals in attendance and Army was able to keep the game close.

Thankfully Navy prevailed for the 14th year in a row. I may not be Navy (former Marine here) but we are a department of the Navy and I would much rather root for them any day. Also rooting for them maintains a peaceful household ha-ha.

As you can see from the title of the and the picture, Oshie was in full team spirit.



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