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Does My Butt Look Big?

This Elephant just did not want to turn around and let me get a¬†photo from the front. I made due with what I was given ha-ha. I still like the image because it shows the texture of the Elephant’s skin.

LA Zoo Elephant.jpg

I did eventually get a shot from the front…sort of.

LA Zoo Elephant2.jpg

World Lion Day

In honor of World Lion Day here are the two Lions from the Los Angeles zoo. I only had one shot of the female lion as she was laying in difficult spot to photograph. I wish they had been a little more active but it was a hot day so I can’t say I blame them. Sometimes you just have to take the shots you are presented with and be happy.

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An African Crowned Eagle and Steller’s Sea Eagle from the Los Angeles Zoo. Not the best shots as they were taken through fences and I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to use a flash. This was the firs time I had seen an eagle in person. I knew they were big but I was still surprised at just how large they really are.

Wild Animals (sort of)

Today we enjoyed the Los Angeles Zoo. It has been a long, long time since I have been to a zoo so it was a lot of fun. I had never seen a tiger, lion or eagle in person. I can check them all 

What a beautiful creature. We still prefer Oshie.

This Lion had the right idea in the SoCal summer sun.

off the list now. Here are two of the photos. I am working with limited equipment so more will come when I get back to my main computer in NC.

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