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Ruff Housing

Oshie has taken a liking to his new cousin. They enjoy wrestling while Boston does his own thing in the background. In one of the photos you can see how much loose puppy skin Hershey has. While we were in Los Angeles on vacation Oshie got to spend the week with Hershey and Boston. When we got home he slept for next day and a half. It is safe to assume that they wore him out.

Day 37: Rough-housing

What better way to welcome the new puppy to the family than to wrestle and knock him onto his back. I promise no puppies were hurt in the making of these photos.

chocolate lab puppy_golden retriever
Oshie had a blast with the little guy. 
chocolate lab puppy_golden retriever-2
Despite knocking the puppy on his back, he was actually very gentle.


Weekend Romp

It is safe to say that Oshie has really enjoyed having a live in playmate. He gets along so well with Lucy and he hasn’t even tried to hump her (at least that we know about ha-ha). They really enjoy being outside together where they have pee duels. They literally follow each other around and pee on each others pee.


On Saturday the weather was perfect which meant Oshie and Lucy were actually able to run around the yard without getting filthy. Unfortunately most of the day they were stuck inside because Nancy and I decided to go to a BBQ festival about an hour away. It was fun but a bit of a let down. There was a lack of BBQ for a festival that supposedly revolves around it.

Once we were home we let the pups out to play for a while. Lucy likes to instigate by making lunging movements at Oshie. This usually results in a chase around the yard. Oshie is a slow turner and Lucy changes direction fast so he has to use smart angles order to catch her.


When he does catch her they end up wrestling and we always know when Lucy has had enough because she will drop to the ground and roll over on her back and stop fighting. Oshie usually takes the hint and gives her a break. I am just glad that they get along so well.

The only issues we have run into is jealousy. They both hate it when the other is getting all the attention. Lucy will come over and push Oshie away if we are showing him some love and Oshie tries to wrestle with Lucy is she is hogging all of the attention. So no real issues, hell they even take turns chewing Oshie’s deer antler.  I will end this post with a few more images from the weekend romp.

A game of keep away.
Going in…
for the kill!
Best Friends!

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Day 20: Lucy

And sure enough even waiting will end… if you can just wait long enough

-William Faulkner

We are watching Lucy for some friends while they are on vacation. She is great dog and she gets along great with Oshie. He is super happy to have a companion to hang out with all day while we are away at work. I do think she is missing her people a little bit though.

Watching and waiting.

Oshie And Lucy Beach Day!

This past weekend Nancy, Oshie and I went to the beach for an afternoon of fun with friends. In reality the trip was an opportunity for Oshie and his new best dog friend Lucy (a lab/ridgeback mix) to wear themselves out. A few weeks back they met for the first time and although the first meeting was a little tense they quickly became best friends. I equate this to their personalities being very similar. Lucy belongs to our friends Steve and Sarah so getting the dogs together is also a great way to spend some time with them and their two little boys.

The trip to the beach was also a great chance for me to use my new Tamron lens. I have wanted to buy a telephoto lens for a while now and I finally pulled the trigger and bought the Tamron 70-300 4-5.6 SP DI VC USD lens. As much as I would like to have a faster lens with a fixed aperture this one has been great so far especially for the money. I bought it used from KEH Camera and I recommend anyone looking for used gear check them out.

On to the pictures of Lucy and Oshie at the beach!


Diving in after the ball! He really doesn’t like the waves though.Oshie_beach-4

Engage panic mode, must get back to dry land.


Almost there!


Such a gentleman, he lets Lucy get the ball.


Lucy! She wasn’t excited about going in the water at first but eventually she made Oshie look like a wuss as he waited for her to get the ball and avoided the big waves.


They couldn’t figure out how to pick up the Frisbee so decided to wrestle instead.




Trotting along the beach likely staring at some random people. He is such a people watcher.


He look so skinny when his fur is wet.





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