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Lunch Adventures

Occasionally I go to the Marina on base during lunch to practice my photography skills and enjoy being out of the office. There is usually an interesting assortment of birds as well as Marines flying overhead in all types of whirlybirds.

Here are some shots I was able to capture today. The weather is just to beautiful but it was a bit bright and there was a lot of smoke clouding the sky due to ordnance being destroyed.

Brown Pelican touching down
Brown Pelican close-up
Not sure what species this is.
Marine UH-1Y Venom. Sky is grey due to smoke.
Marines doing Marine things ha-ha

Photographer Adopts Dog From Shelter And Takes Him On Epic Adventures Across America

This is awesome. Check it out!

Traveling is so much more fun and interesting when you’ve got a loyal friend by your side.

Source: Photographer Adopts Dog From Shelter And Takes Him On Epic Adventures Across America

How To Learn Portrait Photography

Step 1: Go get yourself a handsome Golden Retriever who listens well.

Step 2: Practice until he is so annoyed with you that he will no longer look at the camera even when you bribe with treats and use all your tricks.

Step 3: Repeat

As anyone who reads the blog knows, I use Oshie quite often to practice photography. I think he is getting pretty sick of it ha-ha. Anyway here are a few shots from the other day. I am trying to get better with using my flash and lighting in general. Also really trying hard to get the color of his eyes to show. Enjoy!

Oh and photography people…tips and critiques welcome.

I think this one came out the best.
Caught him closing his eyes and focused on nose oops!
Potential here but not digging the reflections in the eyes.

How To Walk On Air

Just wanted to get something posted this week to keep myself from slacking off. I don’t really know how to walk on air but Oshie might ha-ha. Here are 2 quick shots of him attempting to walk upside-down in the air. It is possible that he was trying to roll over but it is more fun to believe he was trying to air walk!

Am I doing it?
Abort! Abort!

Well thanks for stopping by. I will try to get another post or two done this week that have a bit more to them ha-ha.

Beware of The Beast!

Just a random shot of Oshie on the prowl from my lunch break this fine Friday.

Oooooo… I think I will go sniff that now.

But lets be real… we all know he is no beast. He may look big and muscular but in reality he is a big baby. The only damage he will do is eat all of your food and licking you until your skin falls off.

That is why we love him!

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