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So I decided to enter my Pelican Portrait photo into the Popular Photography Magazine month of March best shot contest. I made some changes to it in Adobe Lightroom earlier today to bring out some more features.

I would be grateful of anyone who clicks the link and leaves me a vote! The edited image is posted there and is also the image for this post. Thanks!

As always thanks for stopping by.


Water, Water, Everywhere…

I don’t know what it is about water coming from a faucet but apparently it is better than water in a bowl. I believe I have mentioned in the past that Oshie likes to be hand fed water from the shower or bathtub faucets. If it is time for a shower he will always follow you in and look up at you with his big brown eyes waiting for a drink.

He does the same thing outside. If I turn on one of the external faucets he is there in an instant lapping it up. The funniest thing is you could put his bowl of water right there next to the faucet and turn it off. He won’t touch the water in the bowl. Turn the faucet back on and he will drink like he has wandered the Sahara for weeks.

Here is a series of shots of him drinking from one of the outdoor faucets yesterday after we ran around the yard for a bit. Silly dog…

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