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Wheel Tape

Steve Arpin’s crew came up with a unique way of keeping the wheels from filling with dirt from the course. The final was cancelled due to weather so they didn’t get to see how well the tape would actually work.

Don’t want wheels full of dirt? Use tape!
Steve Arpin flying around the last corner onto the straight.

And They’re Off!

GRC Lites get the green and speed off the starting grid.

Running of the Bulls

I was a little too slow to catch the entire car but I still like the results.

Eriksson was a little too fast for me.

Dirty old tires.

Tires off a GRC Supercar.

Speed Blur

The race was a great opportunity to practice panning shots. It was hard to keep the cars sharp and blur the background to show the car moving. Gotta learn somehow though. 

Collete Davis of River Racing blasts into turn 3 in her GRC Lites Fiesta.

Day 3: Interesting Lines


The lines of a 2016 Ford Explorer Sport grill. Taken with my Canon 7d Mkii and Canon 50mm f/1.8.

Subaru Is Killing It

The commercials for Subaru vehicles has been focused around dogs for a little while now and I think they are doing a damn good job. They are funny, relate-able and have meaning. I saw this one courtesy of my wife and it is awesome.

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