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Forest Floor Fungi

From a little walk in the woods during lunch yesterday. 

Shot with 7d Mark 2 and Tamron 70-300 f/4-5.6

Vine Ripened

Shot with Canon 7d Mark 2 and Canon 50mm f/1.8

We had a very small harvest from our first attempt at a garden this year. Thanks to Hurricane Matt most of plants did not make it but this is one of the Tomato plants we saved. 

Puppy Plunge Part 2

Fetch! Oshie had a blast chasing the tennis balls. Many of the retrieval attempts ended in fear face and panicked paddling. He still hasn’t learned to keep himself level in the water so he points up and his front legs flail and splash the surface. The result is way too much energy wasted trying to get to the safety of dry land. He will figure it out eventually. He just needs to raise his butt and use his back legs more.

Puppy Plunge Part 1

Someone had a blast at the pool today for the puppy plunge. He was able to play meet many new friends, some even were his kind and work on his swimming which could use some improvent. He is exhausted and will probably spend the next day recovering. More photos coming soon.


Speed Blur

The race was a great opportunity to practice panning shots. It was hard to keep the cars sharp and blur the background to show the car moving. Gotta learn somehow though. 

Collete Davis of River Racing blasts into turn 3 in her GRC Lites Fiesta.

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