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Wanna help me bury this?

Oshie looks to enlist the help of cousin Boston in digging a hole for the ball. Boston didn’t want to help.

Yo cousin help me bury the evidence.

Digging to China!

When at the beach if Oshie is not in the water or rolling around in the sand, he is digging his way to China.

A lap full of sand for you…
Thankfully he only does this at the beach!

Beach Day

Back to your regularly scheduled programming. Two shots from our morning beach trip on the 4th of July.

Beach Season

It is officially summer and that means it is time to hit the beach. This is what we have to look forward to with Oshie. With the amount of sand he will carry home we could build our own beach in the backyard. Stay safe out there and have fun this summer folks!

Day 15: Stay Off The Dunes!

The two photos in today’s post were taken in January. The winter was very mild here in North Carolina and there were even a few days that were warm enough for a beach trip like this one. I definitely wouldn’t want to get in the water however Oshie didn’t seem to mind the chill at all. As long as he had the ball to chase he was happy! I was still using my Canon T5 and the Tamron 70-300 lens during this trip.

Sand Name
Just in case you didn’t already know his name.

Stay Off



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