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Day 15: Stay Off The Dunes!

The two photos in today’s post were taken in January. The winter was very mild here in North Carolina and there were even a few days that were warm enough for a beach trip like this one. I definitely wouldn’t want to get in the water however Oshie didn’t seem to mind the chill at all. As long as he had the ball to chase he was happy! I was still using my Canon T5 and the Tamron 70-300 lens during this trip.

Sand Name
Just in case you didn’t already know his name.

Stay Off



Day 8: To The Beach!

Summer is just around the corner and we can’t wait to start going to the beach again. I honestly believe that this is Oshie’s favorite place to go. No matter how long we spend there he never runs out of energy and will run in and out of the waves all day. It isn’t until we get in the car that he crashes. After a day at the beach he is pretty much exhausted and ready for an afternoon and evening of relaxation and sleep. I can’t say I blame him!

Thankfully the waters warm quickly on the coast of North Carolina and we will soon be enjoying the sand between out toes.

beach time.jpg
I love to dig!


Photography Contest

So I decided to enter my Pelican Portrait photo into the Popular Photography Magazine month of March best shot contest. I made some changes to it in Adobe Lightroom earlier today to bring out some more features.

I would be grateful of anyone who clicks the link and leaves me a vote! The edited image is posted there and is also the image for this post. Thanks!

As always thanks for stopping by.


Pelican Portrait

Pelican Portrait_marina.jpg
Brown Pelican portrait from my trip to the Marina at lunch on Thursday.

Lunch Adventures

Occasionally I go to the Marina on base during lunch to practice my photography skills and enjoy being out of the office. There is usually an interesting assortment of birds as well as Marines flying overhead in all types of whirlybirds.

Here are some shots I was able to capture today. The weather is just to beautiful but it was a bit bright and there was a lot of smoke clouding the sky due to ordnance being destroyed.

Brown Pelican touching down
Brown Pelican close-up
Not sure what species this is.
Marine UH-1Y Venom. Sky is grey due to smoke.
Marines doing Marine things ha-ha

Weekend Adventures

We had a fun weekend! The weather was gorgeous here in North Carolina, so much so that Oshie enjoyed a romp in the waves at the beach on Saturday and on Sunday we went for a “nature walk” in shorts and t-shirts.

As much as I love snow and miss living in the north and around mountains, I can’t complain when the end of January weather consists of cloudless 70 degree days.

Here are a few shots from the weekend activities. The Pelicans were seen on our nature walk on Sunday. They let us get pretty close before they became uncomfortable and took off.


Oshie And Lucy Beach Day!

This past weekend Nancy, Oshie and I went to the beach for an afternoon of fun with friends. In reality the trip was an opportunity for Oshie and his new best dog friend Lucy (a lab/ridgeback mix) to wear themselves out. A few weeks back they met for the first time and although the first meeting was a little tense they quickly became best friends. I equate this to their personalities being very similar. Lucy belongs to our friends Steve and Sarah so getting the dogs together is also a great way to spend some time with them and their two little boys.

The trip to the beach was also a great chance for me to use my new Tamron lens. I have wanted to buy a telephoto lens for a while now and I finally pulled the trigger and bought the Tamron 70-300 4-5.6 SP DI VC USD lens. As much as I would like to have a faster lens with a fixed aperture this one has been great so far especially for the money. I bought it used from KEH Camera and I recommend anyone looking for used gear check them out.

On to the pictures of Lucy and Oshie at the beach!


Diving in after the ball! He really doesn’t like the waves though.Oshie_beach-4

Engage panic mode, must get back to dry land.


Almost there!


Such a gentleman, he lets Lucy get the ball.


Lucy! She wasn’t excited about going in the water at first but eventually she made Oshie look like a wuss as he waited for her to get the ball and avoided the big waves.


They couldn’t figure out how to pick up the Frisbee so decided to wrestle instead.




Trotting along the beach likely staring at some random people. He is such a people watcher.


He look so skinny when his fur is wet.





As always, thank you for stopping by!

I Am Getting A Bath Anyway…Right?

Oshie performing one of his favorite tricks at the beach yesterday. I call him the Golden Churro. There will be sand around the house for the next day or two now, even after bathing him.

Beach Bum

Over the weekend we finally had some decent weather! Nancy and I decided that we should head to one of Oshie’s favorite places…the beach. We hadn’t been since earlier this summer and we knew he would really enjoy it. A little before 9AM packed the SUV and headed out. After a short pit stop for some coffee we arrived at the beach. Thankfully other than a handful of people fishing we had the beach to ourselves. This meant that Oshie could roam free and we wouldn’t have to worry about him running up to random people (apparently even a happy friendly Golden is scary when he comes barreling at you). It didn’t take long before he was rolling in the sand turning himself into a Golden Churro. He had a blast and thoroughly exhausted himself. Once we got him home we gave him a bath in the driveway to get all the sand out of his fur and there was a lot of it. A half hour of drying a brushing later and he was ready to crash for the rest of the day.

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