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Working Hard

It is amazing to watch how hard the teams work to keep the cars competitive during the course of a race weekend. In scorching heat and disgusting humidity the mechanics and engineers work non-stop to keep the cars going.



Vermont Sports Car builds once heck of a machine.

Lovely Breeze

Oshie loves a good breeze in his face. With that much fur covering my body during the summer I am sure I would too. Another reason he loves the breeze is because it carries all the wonderful scents right to his nose. He can just stand there with his face tipped slightly up and inhale all smells of the world around him.


Another Beetle

Scott Speed on the dirt section of the track.

Wanna help me bury this?

Oshie looks to enlist the help of cousin Boston in digging a hole for the ball. Boston didn’t want to help.

Yo cousin help me bury the evidence.

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