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April 2016

Day 12: Pelican

This image is probably a month or so old by now but I hadn’t done anything with it yet. This is from another trip to the Marina on New River Air Station. The lighting wasn’t great (bit too bright out) but I worked with it as best as I could. I really liked how the feathers on top of its head were wet and how the sun was illuminating that area.  Shot with my Canon 7Dmkii and the Canon 400mm f/5.6L lens I was renting at the time. Processed in Adobe Lightroom.


Chinese Bulldozer Battle Royale

So this definitely not something I would normally cover on here but when I saw this I thought it was too bizarre not to share. Apparently some rival construction companies in China were not happy with each other and as the video shows they took things to a ridiculous level and began a bulldozer battle the likes of which you have never seen.

It is a good thing that the street and sidewalk appear to be mostly empty because this was a very dangerous game to play. I am not sure how long it lasted or if anyone was injured. Definitely the strangest and stupidest thing I have ever seen. I thought road rage was bad in America. Sheesh! Here is the article.

Day 11: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Today’s image is of the commonly seen Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly. They are all over Eastern NC and many other places in the United States. Shot with my Canon 7dmkii and Tamron 70-300mm lens and processed in Adobe Lightroom.


Day 10: Oshie

Oshie was concentrating hard on Nancy as she was turning into the driveway. This is his go to stance and facial expression when he notices something but isn’t quite sure if he knows who or what it is. This was immediately followed by him sprinting over to the car so that he would be at her door as she opened it. Shot with my Canon 7d mkii and Tamron 70-300mm lens at 300mm.

Oshie pose.jpg

Day 9: Monochrome

Today’s image is skyline shot from downtown Wilmington North Carolina. Kind of an Odd crop but I like the way it looks so I decided to keep it. Part of my growth as a photographer has been experimenting even if the results are not the best and also sharing those results to help build confidence in my skills.

Shot with my Canon 7d mkii and 50mm lens and processed in Adobe Lightroom.

bw building.jpg

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